Anglo - Italian Society for the Protection of Animals
Anglo - Italian Society for the Protection of Animals

Welcome to AISPA

AISPA are a British based charity who raise funds worldwide for animal welfare organisations in Italy. AISPA contributes funding to over thirty projects throughout the country and offers them support via their three voluntary representatives.

The funding we provide helps to support the purchase of medicines, surgical equipment, rescue vehicles, education and training. We also fully fund a mobile spay clinic which includes stray sterilization initiatives in the areas visited.

All of the sanctuaries supported are active spay and neuter centres. Many regularly carry out trap-neuter-release initiatives in their local communities as there are still many feral cat and dog colonies throughout Italy. They also pursue education programmes, particularly with school children who will visit projects as part of a school visit which helps to change inherited 'cultural values'.

The projects supported by AISPA are encouraged to pursue independent fundraising and to gain support from within their local communities. AISPA funding is conditional upon the projects spaying and neutering all incoming animals and re-homing as many as possible.


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